Vision & Values



We believe that every child is unique and our school ensures that each of our pupils at Elmsleigh Infant and Nursery School, enjoys learning and fulfils their potential in a magical learning environment.

Enjoying and achieving in a magical learning environment

E – Enthusiasm,
L – Life Long Learning,
M – Motivates,
S – Safe and Secure,
L – Love and Respect,
E – Enjoyment,
I – Inclusion,
G – Going for Goals,
H – High expectations

We achieve our vision by ensuring that Elmsleigh:

  1. Fosters enthusiasm energy and wonder
  2. Is committed to Life Long Learning
  3. Provides a magical learning environment which motivates all
  4. Provides a safe and secure community
  5. Is a community which promotes strong relationships through love and respect
  6. Provides a rich learning environment for the enjoyment of learning
  7. Celebrates inclusion and diversity promoting success for all
  8. Sets realistic goals for each individual through high quality learning and teaching
  9. Has high expectations that everyone can be the very best they can be


– Responsibility
– Respect
– Compassion
– Resilience
– Community
– Ambition